Located at Precetto under the church of Santo Stefano in a crypt dating back to the 13th century, this unique museum exhibits bodies whose spontaneous mummification is dued to a combination of various factors including the chemical composition and the hygroscopic nature of the soil, the presence of certain microorganisms and the particular temperature and ventilation conditions of the site.

Mummified bodies are now kept in special showcases and, in some cases, preserve hair, teeth, clothes or obvious signs of the causes that led to their death.

Museo delle Mummie – Precetto, Ferentillo
Affreschi XIII° secolo Cripta del Museo delle Mummie

We suggest you take the time to combine the visit to the crypt with that of the overlying St. Stephen’s Church, built in the sixteenth century on the ruins of the medieval church.

Restored internally in rococo style in the middle of 700, the church also houses architectural and painted decorations prior to this intervention among which a fresco of a Nativity by the painter Pierino Cesarei 1559 located in the chapel at the right and the entrance portal , always of the century XVI, inserted between two columns that bear the coats of arms of the Cybo family and the Lateran.