Marmore Falls, distributed on three jumps with a total height of 165 meters, are certainly one of the most spectacular naturalistic attractions in Umbria, whose beauty has been, over the centuries, a source of inspiration for artists, poets and writers.

Water wanders

The present aspect is the result of centuries of human intervention on the natural environment starting from the roman era.

In 271 a.c. the roman consul Curio Dentato ordered the construction of a canal to drain the stagnant waters of the river Velino in the direction of the natural jumping of Marmore: from there, the water could flow directly into the Nera River. Later and until the end of the 1700th century, further refinement works have been carried out to prevent the overflowing of the two rivers and to give the waterfall its present appearance.


The visit to the waterfall area allows you not only to admire this impressive water column from both the upper and lower Belvedere, but also to enjoy six different hiking trails. In this way visitors can observe jumps from different perspectives and can fully appreciate the natural beauty of the park.