Marmore Falls

Water wonders.

Marmore Falls, distributed on three jumps with a total height of 165 meters, are certainly one of the most spectacular naturalistic attractions in Umbria, whose beauty has been, over the centuries, a source of inspiration for artists, poets and writers.

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Ferentillo and its hamlets

Discover Ferentillo and its medieval hamlets.

Surrounded by an enchanting natural environment and characterized by the presence of ancient sight towers, medieval fortifications, churches, hermitage and abbeys, the territory of the municipality of Ferentillo is certainly a good starting point for exploring the magnificent villages of Valnerina and appreciating their historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

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The Abbey of San Pietro In Valle

Traces of historical and artistic heritage.

The benedictine abbey of San Pietro in Valle is a historical monastery of Valnerina and certainly one of the most important examples of high-medieval art of Central Italy.

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Mummies Museum in Ferentillo

An unusual museum.

Located at Precetto under the church of Santo Stefano in a crypt dating back to the 13th century, this unique museum exhibits bodies whose spontaneous mummification is dued to a combination of various factors including the chemical composition and the hygroscopic nature of the soil, the presence of certain microorganisms and the particular temperature and ventilation conditions of the site.

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